Communications! Just like every other ministry

October 3, 2012

Communications is just like every other ministry at your church! WHAT? HOW? I DON'T BELIEVE YOU!

It's true. Here's why ...

Is worship a significant priority in the life of your church? What about the children's ministry? Or the student ministry? Adult discipleship or small groups? And what does it take to run each of these ministries well?

It takes a central leader and team who are focused and dedicated to pray and think about each specific ministry area – its purpose, programming and more – with great intention. This person and team drive the specific ministry area for the benefit of your congregation and community.

And the communications ministry of your church – every church – is the same! It takes a centralized communications leader working with a supporting team of staff and/or lay leaders to intentionally and strategically organize the various communications messages your church has to share with your congregation and community.

Your church's Communications Director will create, organize, plan and implement effective communications messages for church and community audiences. So look for someone who will support church and ministry leaders in conveying their vision and communications priorities to appropriate audiences.  

Want to learn more about this communications leader? Download a full job description below! 

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Leah Norton

Managing Partner