Honorary Fishhooker of the Every Other Month - Kevin Wilson

January 8, 2014

And the newest Honorary Fishhooker of the Every Other Month award goes to...(drumroll please)...Kevin Wilson!  

1. What has Kevin's connection/relationship been with Fishhook?

Kevin has officially served as Fishhook's CFO-for-hire since 2006 and before that, just as a good friend. He was instrumental in providing wisdom, counsel and encouragement in Fishhook's early years. Kevin is the business-brain behind Fishhook, bringing a realistic framework to Evan and the team's vision. Evan often says, "Kevin protects me from myself, throttling me back when I'd get too aggressive or excited about something new." At the same time, Evan will tell you, "Kevin has been instrumental in saying "yes" to nearly every important business decision we've ever made." Kevin serves in this capacity with many other businesses through his firm www.profitbuilders.biz - with the tagline of "freeing entrepreneurs to focus." This is very true as he serves Fishhook. 

2. Which of Fishhook's core values does Kevin most reflect?

We have to pick two. Kevin is 100% big-boy pants - striving for a professional and humbly confident approach while guiding Fishhook toward expecting excellence from ourselves. In short, he tells us the tough news, warns us against things like growing overhead, and says "simmer down" if we have some wildly expensive growth idea. The other core value is Jesus - following Christ's example to love/respect one another and trusting God in all he does. Kevin is a model of serving and generosity. He loves and serves his family and church well. He gives selflessly of his leadership, time and counsel to Camp Challenge where he serves as chairman of the board. Kevin's generosity extends to Fishhook. One dismal quarter long ago, Kevin helped us over a hump that otherwise might have ended it all. God saved Fishhook through Kevin. He wouldn't want us to tell you - cause that's the kind of quiet servant he is - but without Kevin's generosity, we might have been part of that statistic... most businesses fail before year five. 

3. If you were describing Kevin to someone who has never met him, what would you say? 

Kevin is Evan's perfect opposite. He's quiet, full of business-smarts, knows and understands financials, brings insight to a balance sheet, and doesn't break out in hives when doing a tax return. We love that about Kevin.

4. What has his impact been on the Church at large?

Kevin has served on the Board of Elders at Church at the Crossing, leads strongly at Camp Challenge and is generous with his time and resources in many other ministries. His love of Christian youth camping is evident and his leadership at camp will have long lasting impact. For the part that Kevin has played at Fishhook, he's impacted every one of our client's congregations - though they may never see it. And that's how Kevin operates - wisely and quietly in the background. The last shall be first.

5. If someone had 1/2 hour to spend with Kevin, what would you recommend they pick his brain about?

Ask Kevin for his insight into whatever big question you have in your work life, business life, personal finances, ministry operations or church. He'll bring a thought process and heart to the table that you'll soon come to appreciate. He may frustrate you a bit, because that's what wise counsel does, but in the end, you'll arrive at a better decision for having Kevin Wilson along side. 

Evan McBroom

Founding Partner