I was enjoying my sirloin sandwich when ...

May 8, 2013

This week I was at lunch with a lead pastor and a worship pastor of a large, thriving church in a mid-size community. Two good men of God. Or so I thought …

Toward the end of our lunch two older women approached our table. The women were overly enthusiastic that they recognized the two pastors I was lunching with. They previously attended or had visited these pastors’ church.

The ladies were quick to go on and on (for several minutes, in fact; it was slightly awkward if you want to know my initial and honest feelings) about their love for the Lord and related life experiences. Oh my.

As the ladies left our table, I was ready.

I was ready for eye rolling … for laughter … for disgust. I just assumed these pastors would be annoyed that our meal had been interrupted … annoyed that these women went on and on … and annoyed that these women weren’t a little more sophisticated or socially aware.

I was amazed. There was none of that.

Instead, the lead pastor turned to me and said, “Isn’t that a hoot?” He went on to explain how people in their mid-size community routinely recognize them and are quick to say hello. He counts it both a privilege and responsibility to talk with them.

The pastors’ humility struck me. And that’s when I realized: these aren’t two good men of God. These are two great men of God leading with humility, caring and compassion. Even when there’s no big crowd to preach to or lead worship with, they are loving and serving people to bring glory to God. I was moved. I was challenged.

So this week I've been asking myself (and I’ll ask you to consider): how do I lead and communicate when there’s a big crowd versus how do I lead and communicate when there are two excitable, slightly awkward, older ladies interrupting my lunch (or anyone else who I perceive is a bother or inconvenient to deal with)? How about you?

Leah Norton

Managing Partner