Our work through the eyes of an eighth grader

April 27, 2012

I'm Drew Chastain, an eighth grader from Avon Middle School South, and yesterday I got the opportunity to follow ("job shadow") Evan McBroom and the rest of the Fishhook crew to see how they run their business. Here is a list of all that I learned.

  • How a design for a church website is made.
  • The process the design has to go through.
  • How a website is made.
  • The codes for the website. (My favorite!)
  • How to set up a website to adapt to all sizes of the screen for a phone, tablet, etc.
  • The feel of a conference call meeting with a client.
  • I got to learn that in a small business sometimes the owner has to fill up the soap bottle in the restroom. (The first thing I did with Evan in the morning.)
  • I got to see what a company lunch is like (with just the guys!).
  • I got to see how they help a church think about new ways to reach out to people.
  • I found out how a logo is made.
  • Lastly I learned first hand how a company is run from all points of view.

That is most of what I learned at my day at Fishhook, following Evan McBroom and the rest of the Fishhook crew. Thank you to all the people who let me spend time with them and answered all of the questions I asked. It was a blast! Thank you.


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