The power of an explosive brand

June 19, 2013

When we developed the tagline "Vital truth. Explosive Love." - we knew this client, of all clients, could live up to an "exploding brand."

Last year, we had a fun time (and lots of early morning meetings) partnering with Ted Max, Russ Hollingsworth and Kyle Hornsby at Vale Church in Bloomington, Ill., on a new name, logo and tagline. (See our "A rose by any other name: exploring church names" post from two weeks ago about the name change.)

They were ready to wrap their vision and tagline into one and eager to put on a new nametag for the community, reflecting who they now are as a church.

With the new brand/identity in hand, the Aspen Group brought it to life in Vale's exterior and interior spaces. Recently, our friend, Josh Gregoire at Aspen Group, wrote this thought-provoking piece "What's Your Building Saying About You?", telling the complete story of how Vale took off with their new brand.

So what about you? Does your brand lead someone to take a second look?

Lindsay Dudeck

Lead Communications Strategist