The Tables Turned

August 8, 2011

Normally, our team at Fishhook is on the consulting and creating side of the table, with our clients working in partnership under our direction. A couple of weeks ago, our good friends and collaborators Ryan and Lauren Sarver of 2355 Productions, turned the tables on us, as Fishhook was the subject of a new video--one to tell a part of our story.

For several years, 2355 has been partnering with Fishhook to produce strong video stories. Sometimes this means we work shoulder-to-shoulder with Fishhook providing story and script direction or on-site director's input ... other times it's as simple as a hand-off for Ryan and Lauren to work directly with church leaders. The results are always outstanding.

So, recently, when Ryan said, "Hey Evan, we so appreciate all Fishhook has done with us, we'd be glad to come shoot a video for Fishhook about Fishhook." I said, sure! If you watch, I'm sure you'll notice the great lighting, audio, videography, editing, and music. (They invest in great gear and they have mad skilz.)

As the leader here I saw all that and much more. I'm reminded of God's faithfulness--that He gave me this assignment and He's making it a reality every day. Culture and chemistry are king! We have an awesome team--and they each get our culture and radiate it. Little here is more important than how we hire. In the video, they spoke from their hearts off the top of their heads.

I am on the adventure of my life, and I'm grateful. Simply grateful.

Ryan and Lauren--great job. Thank you.

Evan McBroom

Founding Partner