(This is a private workshop hosted at GoodNaz. If you'd like to host a private workshop at your church, contact Aimee Cottle.)

Which of the following is most similar to your church’s guest experience?

  1. Visiting the home of a friend
  2. Awkwardly walking into someone else's family reunion
  3. I’m not sure.

What if you could know what guests were really thinking? As a part of Fishhook’s work, we’re often invited by churches to conduct “secret worship” visits, evaluating their guest experience from start-to-finish. During this upbeat workshop, we’ll share what we’ve learned to help you gain a fresh perspective on your church. During the workshop, you will:

  • Explore why it’s important to assess your guest experience
  • Focus on five areas you can improve in your guest experience
  • Identify common “guest repellents” to help you avoid them
  • Learn helpful tips for training your frontline volunteers

Bring a guest! This session is ideal for anyone serving on a church team - especially those on the frontlines in communications, guest services, first impressions, connections, etc.
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