Crisis Communications Workshop

In our complex and media-saturated world, crisis communications is a critical topic for churches to explore, understand, and plan for. While we all hope to avoid emergency events, these situations are to be expected. When they do arise, you often will not have much advance warning about when, what or who will be involved. We want to help you be as prepared as possible! Our July Table will feature a three-part workshop designed to help you feel more prepared and confident if/when a crisis happens at your church.

Workshop components:

Case study: A Church's Response to a Local School Shooting with Pastor Scott Giger and Communications Director Mike Rowland

In 2018, at Noblesville West Middle School, a shooter entered a classroom and fired a weapon multiple times, which resulted in the injury of a student and a teacher. The student, teacher and their families are all a part of the Cornerstone Lutheran Church family. The CLC staff team quickly pulled together to communicate with their congregation and minister to the victims, their families, and others. They will take you through their response and share the lessons learned.

Crisis Communications Simulation

Within small teams, we’ll guide you through a crisis simulation where you’ll work to identify and address all communications components of a given situation.

Establishing Your Church’s Plan

Finally, we'll guide you through the creation of your own crisis communications planning document that will help position your church to be ready for a crisis if and when the moment arises. This isn't an easy topic to cover but it is so necessary. Feel free to bring additional team members with you so you can learn together. We hope to see you there!

To attend, simply RSVP below. Since this is a “lunch and learn” session, we invite you to bring  your lunch with you. We’ll provide some light snacks as well.