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Why We Love Canva for the Church - 11 reasons we believe in Canva's design platform.

Canva Take a Closer Look? - When an actual designer took a look at my design

Canva Believe It? - A design platform even I can use!

The Fishhook Typography Guide

A Recap and Resources from the May Webinar - Pulling Rabbits: Design Tricks

Feeling Stuck in a World of Clip Art? - How to break away from visual lameness

How to Put Creativity into Action - For non-designers struggling to design

Shepherding Through Change - Vale Church talks about rebranding

27: Vale Church - Navigating Through Rebranding (PART 2)

26: Vale Church - Creating a Tagline (part 1)

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Building the Boat - The reason behind having a visual identity and style guide

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