Personal Development

You and your work matter. Take the time to invest in yourself with these resources.

Dreaming and Creativity: How to dream even in the midst of the unknown

Free Small Church Cohorts - Registration Open

Disrupted: Leading Your Church Staff From a Distance

50 Questions to Ask During a One-on-One Meeting

You and Your Work Matter

Practicing Gratitude even when it's Difficult

Healthy Collaboration Checklist

How to Avoid the Weeds and Focus on Mission

Get Intentional About Your Influence: How to Lead Up

10 Strategies to get Unstuck

A Dose of Encouragement

We're Hitting the Road This Fall!

Ask This Question to Focus More and Stress Less

Leading Well When you Aren't in Control

9 Principles for Giving Feedback

Strategic Goals Worksheet

Silencing the Inner Critic

57: Self awareness and communications with Adam Waters - The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

56: Reinventing yourself with Hap Leman - The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

53: Balancing family and ministry life with Adam Waters - The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

Rest. Reflect. Recharge. Need a plan?

Are you playing it safe? A little encouragement to try softball this spring

The pressure of the clock - How to meet deadlines

The Ideal Team Player - Part 4: Are you Smart?

The Ideal Team Player - Part 3: How to keep your team Hungry

The Ideal Team Player – Part 2: What Does it Mean to be Humble?

The Ideal Team Player – Part 1

Does Our Work Really Matter?

Life by the Inch

Reading List

Leaning into Rest

The #churchcomm Life ... in the Trenches - The Secret That’s Keeping You Stuck

Church leader: Who is praying for you?

Trajectory Dreams

A Recap and Resources from the October Webinar - When Leadership Gets Messy

A Recap and Resources from the September Webinar - Worship Where You Work!

What is burnout? - How to prevent it or break free from it

When Interns Go (to) InBound - Coffee, Cupcakes and Confidence

How Understanding Your Myers-Briggs Type Can Enhance Your Ministry

The Church Communicators Coloring Book

Monday Inspiration!

What to do with all the info you get at a conference.

What happens when we don't share stories?

You might sound smarter if ... Lesson two

What do you want to know about Millennials?

We need more people!

It starts in your staff meeting

Working Smart - Guest Post by Erica Garcia, Traders Point Christian Church

Staying Amazed

Prayer, people & guts: what I've learned

That Time of the Month

Here's To You, Kennedy

Faster. Faster. Keep up!