Strategic Communications

Communication affects every aspect of our lives. Here are resources that can help you communicate better.

Dreaming and Creativity: How to dream even in the midst of the unknown

Creating Guest Experiences (COVID-19 Edition)

Reflecting on Race, the Church and Recent Events

3 Principles for Communicating When Your Church Starts to Gather Again

6 Priorities Your Church Must Have in Place Before Gathering in Person Again

How long should your livestream last? - What we can learn from TED Talks and MLK

Free Small Church Cohorts - Registration Open

Making the Decision to Do Easter Differently

Coronavirus: Your church's opportunity

Online Easter: Planning Resources

Coronavirus: What should your church be communicating?

Have your communications efforts grown stale? Here's how to refresh

Make an Impact with Volunteer Spotlights

Is a New Website the Answer? 10 questions you can ask to find out

Is Your Team Health and Culture Holding You Back?

How to Avoid the Weeds and Focus on Mission

Get Intentional About Your Influence: How to Lead Up

Super Bowl Ads - 3 Communications Principles to Apply

5 Tips for Productivity

Tackling Annual Report Content: An Outline and Advice

8 Tips to Help Your Christmas Guest Experience Sparkle

8 Tips to Jump Start Your Website Writing

Sample Website Content Template

7 Ideas for a Church Podcast that Aren't Your Sermon

Westward Bound - From Dream to Reality

Small Church, Big Guest Experience

The Church's Guide to Facebook Groups

Dirty Dozen: 12 Surprising Things Your First-Time Guests are Thinking

We're Hitting the Road This Fall!

A Roadmap of the New Fishhook Website

Ask This Question to Focus More and Stress Less

Celebrate! Ideas & Inspiration

Leading Well When you Aren't in Control

How to Address Your Church's Blind Spots

Strategic Goals Worksheet

Free Communications Resources for the Small Church

25 Strategies to use When Things Aren’t Working

What Your Team Doesn't Know About Communications

Top Ways to Highlight Your Mission

The 5 Senses Guest Test

Tips for Creating a Good Bulletin

The Seven Deadly Sins of Church Communications

5 Things Your Communications Director Wishes you Knew

Communications Director Job Description

Inside a Visitor's First Sunday

Writing Checklist

Seven Noble Virtues of Church Communications

seven deadly sins of Church Communications

Mother's Day Marketing Kit

Holiday Survival Guide

Media Request Form

DIY Secret Worship Worksheet

Social Media Game Plan

What To Do When The News Shows Up

How to Run Your Communications Ministry Like an Agency

Five Tips for Accomplishing More This Year

58: Communicating when something's coming with Greg Wenhold - Good Shepherd Church

55: Paving the way to community relationships with Peter and Joel Yoshonis - All Shores Wesleyan Church

54: Multisite communications with Laura Bice and Mike Yoder - The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois

44: Healthy critique with a team with Greg Wallace - Northview Church

43: Communicating clear expectations with Greg Wallace - Northview Church

42: Defining and embracing your audience with Traci L. Bray -

Why 'Hooked? This is our prayer

41: Writing from the road with Traci L. Bray -

39: Navigating a name change with Steve Greene - The Point

37: Ministry in a small town with Steve Greene - The Point

Marketing plan outline

What executive pastors need to ask communications directors

10 key questions to ensure your writing is on point

Through the eyes of a guest - Join us at The Table!

How to Inspire Your Congregation (Instead of Just Spewing Information)

34: Kem Meyer - The Biggest Challenges in Church Communications and how to Overcome them

33: Kem Meyer – Less Chaos. Less Noise.: Effective Communications for an Effective Church

8 Steps to Get Internal Buy-in for Your Church Brand

Social Media is Changing. Here's How Your Church can Adapt.

6 Tips for Keeping Communications Going during a Personal Leave

31: Tim Harlow and Bill Brown – Healthy Communication between a Senior and Executive Pastor

A Recap from The Table – Strategy, Teamwork and Technology

Small Church, Big Heart

You Can Still Get it Done by Easter

Marketing to Your Community – It Starts Inside!

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Mission This Week

Sync Up or Sink: Why We Love Our Weekly Sync Sessions

A Look Back at 2016

Before You Go Multisite – Tips from Church Leaders Who've Been There

Sample Interview Questions

What Happens When You’re in a Transition with Your Comm Department and Need Support

Join us at The Table February 8 – Strategy, Teamwork and Technology!

5 Unexpected Items You Should Add to Your Budget

How to Handle a Communications Blunder

How a Communications Director Adds Value to Your Church

Beyond the Job Description – What You (and Your Church) Need in Your Next Communications Director

The 2016 Alignment Conference – Our Top Takeaways

A Recap from The Table – Connecting with the Community

First-Time Guest Piece Guide

The New Perspective I Gained When My Church Rebranded

The Ins and Outs of a Guest Experience Assessment

Multisite Churches and Naming, Oh My!

How to Know When It's Time to Refresh Your Mission

What the Church Can Learn from the Presidential Election

What Fishhook University Students Have to Say about the TeamSpeak Course

What If Your Website Isn't The Real Problem? 10 Questions to Ask Now

You're Invited! The Table – Connecting with the Community

3 Steps to Living through a Church Renovation

How Long Will Your Website Last? 

Keep, Sort or Toss: Getting Rid of Communications Clutter

5 Tips for Communicating Financial Information

Going Multisite - Planning for Communications (INFOGRAPHIC)

Confessions of a Terrible Podcaster

Our Weekly VIP Email is Changing – Here's Why!

Promotional Items: 3 Things to Consider and Some Inspiration to Get Started

Guest Post: Why High Desert Church Moved from a House of Brands to a Branded House

"Less Chaos. Less Noise." - Why We're Excited about Kem Meyer's Book

Before You Build Your Own Website - A Guide to Help You Plan, Create, Evaluate and Engage

Church Giving Audit Part 5: Are You Being Relational or Transactional?

The Value of Community Research - 7 Tricks of the Trade

From a Pastor's Perspective - The Role of an Executive Pastor in Communications

Before You Jump into a Website Project, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

How can churches communicate and respond? #prayforOrlando

Father's Day Marketing Kit

The #churchcomm Life ... in the Trenches

Hiring vs. Outsourcing Communications Roles

Using Analytics to Understand Your Audience - Why We Love Hotjar

Church Giving Audit Part 4: Qualities of a Dynamic Giving Page

Creative Ways to Maximize Your Team: Work Environments and Schedules

7 Ways To Get More Mileage From Sermon Content

WWJD? When to Hire Someone

Staff Structure: Where does the Communications Director fit?

Introducing Blog Post Templates

Elevate This Item on Your Staff Agenda

Church Giving Audit Part 3: Are We Engaging New Givers?

CRFs: The Secret to our Blogging Success

10 Tips for Clear and Effective Layout Design

5 Things Your Communications Director Wishes You Knew

The 5 Senses Guest Test

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Church Giving Audit: Part 2

5 Tips to Improve Your Writing

The Easter Communications Kit

How to Write Something Your Audience Will Read

The Business of Blogging

Church Giving Audit: Part 1

All Tiered Up

Maybe I've Already Lost You

Cleaning up the Toolbox

A Recap from The Table - Giving Ministry Away

Bulletin Templates

Refresh, Re-engage, Reconnect - Worship Where You Work

Weekly Communications Checklist

The Tiered Communications Planning Worksheet

25: St. John Lutheran - From Techno to Technology (PART 3)

DIY Secret Worship - Go undercover and become your own guest

24: St. John Lutheran - Bridging Generational Communications (PART 2)

23: St. John Lutheran - Communication wins (PART 1)

The Church Communicators Coloring Book

22: Church Vision - Let's Rally!

21: How to Strengthen Your Brand

20: Executing big off-site events

crisis communications plan

19: Bridging generations with Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

18: Tiered Communications with Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

17: Centralized Communications with Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

15: Renaming Your Church - Lessons learned from The Ridge

14: Renaming Your Church - Lessons learned from West Bridge Church

13: Renaming a Church - The Process

09: Church construction - How to communicate after

08: Church construction - How to communicate during

07: Church construction - How to communicate before

04: Winning with staff training

02: Winning with ministries

01: Winning with an e-bulletin