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Full Job Description

As a Web Developer at Fishhook, you’re a learner, a problem-solver, a collaborator, and a communicator. 

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Our developers work alongside designers, project managers, and other developers to build websites that accomplish the mission of our clients and delight their visitors.

In summary, we are looking for:
  • A UX/UI Developer with at least 2-3 years of experience in front-end web development

  • A collaborative, people-first developer who’s ready to interact with clients on a regular basis to hear and meet their needs. 

  • An HTML nit-picker: semantics might be your love language

  • A CSS ninja: you know your flex 💪 from your grid 🧱

  • A JavaScript nerd: you believe that progressive enhancement might just save the world

  • Someone in the Indianapolis/Central Indiana area who wants flexible work hours (about 35-40 hours per week). We will consider a candidate who works remotely with us, but our preference is someone in the Central Indiana area.

    Note: In the midst of the pandemic, we have been doing much of our work remotely, having meetings through Zoom and are supportive of safe, healthy work settings long term.

For more information about this position and our Fishhook team:

About Fishhook

We’re a creative communications team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’ve been helping churches innovate, create and communicate for 18 years. We’re strategists, designers, developers, project managers, writers, spouses, parents, friends, thinkers, tinkerers and whole people. We fully believe in the local church. 

Our clients include small, rural churches and multisite megachurches (and everything in between). We have many clients located throughout Indiana, the Midwest and across the nation. We’re inspired and energized by looking for possibilities in every person, church and circumstance. 

Responsibilities of this Position
  • The web development team builds fully custom websites on Rock RMS, Ekklesia 360, Hubspot, and WordPress, using modern toolsets that include knowledge of  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other coding languages.

  • Collaborate with the in-house design team to ensure our online products deliver the delight and inspiration that has been promised to the client, and to maintain brand consistency throughout our relationship with them.

  • Manage multiple retainer relationships and ongoing projects for numerous clients, responding to requests and actively proposing solutions to continue growing their website’s effectiveness and reach.

  • Respond to support requests in a timely and professional manner.

Skills Needed

At Fishhook, we’re primarily working in “front-end development” - creating the HTML, CSS, and presentational JavaScript code that makes up the user interface (UI) of a website, and building functionality to provide a reliable, useful, secure, accessible and delightful user experience (UX). You should have knowledge of and experience with the following concepts:

  • Valid, Semantic, Standards-compliant HTML

  • Responsive Design and modern CSS principles, including frameworks like Bootstrap, preprocessors like SASS or LESS, naming conventions like BEM, and CSS variables among others

  • Presentational (client-side) JavaScript

  • Accessibility

  • Web Performance

  • Support for modern browsers

  • Version Control, Branching, Pull Requests, Code Review using Git

  • Fishhook clients, being primarily churches, often bring unique challenges and specific requirements. While we don't expect you to have full knowledge of the following platforms, a working knowledge of the languages they use will be essential:

    • Ekklesia 360 - a PHP-driven CMS with a flexible API, Ekklesia provides a solid platform for church staff to create Sermons, Events, Blog posts and more in a closed-source environment. As a developer, you will create PHP templates to access and present the content from the database in custom-designed web page templates.

    • Rock RMS - a .NET application, Rock combines features of a church ministry database (user accounts, contact information, giving records, etc.) with a more traditional CMS (pages, events, registrations, etc.). Knowledge of C# should not be required but might be helpful, while most of the data will be rendered on the website using Lava, a templating language similar to Shopify's Liquid, Handlebars, or Pug.

    • WordPress - yep, we also occasionally use WordPress.

About the Hours, Location and Culture

We anticipate that this is a full-time position. But we’re open to working with a strong candidate to determine what number of hours works best for their situation.

Especially as we navigate the COVID pandemic, this position allows for remote work, and the majority of meetings with clients happening via Zoom as of the first part of 2022.

The position is located in Indianapolis. In a post-COVID situation, some travel might be required for client meetings, with a couple overnight trips taken each year. Trips usually include great food and a fun detour. 

Our team culture enjoys a flexible work environment and encourages everyone to create a daily rhythm that helps them do great work. You’re a person first, employee second. Work diligently, but make space for valuable time with family, friends, your church and in the community. 

We have office days (2-3 days/week) where everyone is in the office. This includes important face-to-face time and impromptu conversations about life and our work. Most of our team typically works from home or coffee shops the other days of the week. 

Snacks and “bonus food” is an unofficial core value. We work hard and love some buffoonery. Our office suite is located within a collaborative coworking space/community made up of people and organizations that are committed to making positive, life-changing impact.

We offer professional salaries and paid time off is provided. You’ll also receive a monthly cell phone stipend and other benefits.

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