We interviewed several church branding agencies when we were preparing to undertake our re-branding project. Fishhook stood out among our finalists for several reasons: We liked that they focus specifically on church branding and marketing. Unlike other agencies who has some church project in their portfolio, Fishhook is really focused on churches and, as a result, they know the specific challenges that churches face. 

We appreciated that they wanted to develop a relationship, not just engage with us for a one-time project. When we decided to go with them for our branding project, they visited our church and got to know us, our congregation and our community. This really set them apart as we felt like they actually understood our unique DNA as a church instead of just treating our project with a one-size fits-all solution. Throughout our project as well as after its completion, Fishhook has been involved with us on a personal level. - Matt Rhodes, Creative Associate Director, Mission Hills Church