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Ready to get everyone on the same page?

TeamSpeak is a six-lesson video and activity based series designed to help all church staff members and leaders grow their communications skills and strategies. The course will help your team find a common approach and language when it comes to communicating in today’s culture. The first two sessions focus on foundational communications principles and their link to your organization and messaging. The next three sessions focus on skill building in the areas of content development, online presence and design basics. The course wraps up with a team training session on assessing and improving your guest experience. To help customize your course, an FHU instructor will personally coach your onsite facilitator to guide your team through the series.


  • Six main session videos (download preferred, DVD upon request) and a short orientation video. Session topics include:


  • TeamSpeak orientation package
  • On Target: A pre-launch survey to help us learn more about your team
  • Downloadables with team building exercises
  • Facilitator guide and personal coaching pass to help customize sessions (2.5 hours)
  • Communications planning worksheets and guides
  • Customizable certificate of completion for each participant


  • Experience better internal communications, evidenced by team members who are engaged, working together and knowledgeable about your church mission and goals.
  • Create an environment where your congregation can better understand your church’s mission and goals and grow in their faith through study and service.
  • Share your story with your community, partners and friends to illustrate how your church is making a difference and how they can join your journey.
  • Know how to create stronger connections through your everyday communications.
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