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Fishhook is an innovative communications and creative services team called to partner with churches, parishes and ministries to help them communicate more clearly, creatively and consistently. We're passionate about Jesus and believe the best way to share your church's story is through compelling communications.


Through Fishhook University, we provide online training to help church leaders sharpen their skills and communicate more effectively. The TeamSpeak training course is a six-lesson video and activity based series designed to help all church staff members and leaders grow in their communications skills and strategies. For 2017, we’ve initiated the Communications Jumpstart Grant Program to provide free TeamSpeak courses for leaders of smaller congregations (up to 350 in weekly worship attendance).

While we know churches of all sizes are making a Kingdom impact, we also recognize that funding professional development can be challenging in smaller congregations. We want to remove this barrier, so you can “catch more” for Christ!

What's next? After your application is received, Fishhook will contact you immediately with additional information about our monthly review process. If your grant is approved, your team will have 6 months to complete the TeamSpeak course. We simply ask that you complete a survey after the course. We'd love to hear your feedback and stories!

Please have an authorized member of your team complete the following information.