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The Fishhook Culture

We are Fishhook

We take our work seriously but not much else. Here's what keeps us weird, but also, somehow focused on our mission.

The Beginning 

In 2003, our founder, Evan McBroom, started Fishhook with one goal - To help churches improve the way they fish by improving the way they communicate. 

Communicate well. Catch More. 

Today, Leah Norton and Shayla Kenworthy, Fishhook’s owners, are still just as passionate about that mission. Fishhook has continued to grow and evolve over the years as communications tools continue to change. 17+ years later, our team is made up of strategists, project managers, visual designers, web developers and online engagement experts. 

We’ve helped hundreds of churches over the years and are grateful, humbled and amazed by God's faithfulness. And we can’t wait to see where He takes us next.

The Basics

We’re a creative communications team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’ve been helping churches innovate, create and communicate for 18 years. We’re strategists, designers, developers, project managers, writers, spouses, parents, friends, thinkers, tinkerers and whole people. We fully believe in the local church.

Our clients include small, rural churches and multisite megachurches (and everything in between). We have many clients located throughout Indiana, the Midwest and across the nation. We’re inspired and energized by looking for possibilities in every person, church and circumstance. 


We energize churches to communicate, engage with and reach people for Christ!


To delight every church with unexpected creativity, energy and value. 

Brand Promise:

To help every church embrace their distinct story, translate it and bring value to its target audiences through everyday ministry and communication that is personal, authentic and creative. 

Team Values: 

  • We focus on JESUS so we can focus on others.
  • We are WHOLE PEOPLE, known and valued. 
  • We bring HUMBLE and HUNGRY hearts to the table.
  • We are committed to TEAMNESS built on relationships and trust.
  • We choose to see POSSIBILITIES everywhere we look.
  • We bring the BUFFOONERY.

We Work With ...

We've worked with churches of many denominations in over 31 U.S. states -- plus Canada, Haiti, Honduras, Nigeria, and Romania!

Christian Church (Independent) • 
Apostolic Christian Church of America • Apostolic Pentecostal • Assemblies of God • 
Non-Denominational • 
Baptist • Brethren • Church of God • Church of the Nazarene • 
United Methodist • Southern • 

The Culture

№ 1 Flexibility

We are people first, employees second. People need free time to feed their creative spirits! So we enjoy a flexible work environment and encourage each individual to create a daily rhythm that helps them do great work. We’re in the office 2-3 days a week and can be found working from home or our local coffee shops the other days.

№ 2 Snacks

A.k.a. "bonus food". This is an unofficial core value. We’re never too far from a platter of Jimmy Johns sammies, a baked good or fountain beverage. (IYKYK) If you come to our office we will most certainly offer you one the aforementioned snacks as well as a cup of coffee. Don’t like coffee … what about tea? No tea either? How about sparkling water?

№ 3 Time and $$

Who doesn’t like time off and being paid well? Anyone? We offer professional salaries and paid time off. We encourage you to take the trip, go to your kids field trip, have a random free day and prioritize FUN! We also receive a monthly cell phone stipend and other benefits.

№ 4 Celebrate

We believe an organization will cultivate what it celebrates … so we celebrate a LOT. We have an official Party Planning Committee (a.k.a. PPC) that tries to keep celebrations as a key priority. So, everyone gets a birthday party and a celebration and shoutout on their Fishhook anniversary. We have annual full-team retreats (not boring ones), weekly team meetings, an After-Christmas party with spouses and a full Fishhook Family bash once a year. We’ve also been known to do Office Olympics, have Cinco de Mayo, do Halloween dress-up parties and random Taco Tuesdays at our local mexican restaurant.

I love the purpose, creativity, our team, the possibilities and progress we see with our churches. Can I keep going? I love the laughs, the stories, the fun road trips, the snacks and, of course, the ministry and life impact we get to be part of! --Leah Norton, Partner
Working at Fishhook is like an 80's horror movie: it's loud, it's messy, it's probably more fun than it should be, and there’s always a clown nearby. --Ben Goshow, Lead Web Developer
I love doing meaningful work in a fun and creative environment with people that really care about the Church. --Kyle Ferguson, Account Director
I love Fishhook because we have tacos in all the forms (stickers, emojis and actual food). It's the silly, little things like this that make our team fun and weird (in the best sort of way). --Meredith Erwin, Lead Visual Designer
Our mission and clients make the hard work all worth it. Also the bonus food. That makes it worth it too. --Shayla Kenworthy , Partner & Director of Business Development
I can watch movies all day while I work. --Shawn Jones, Web Developer
My favorite things about Fishhook are the mission, people, churches and allll the shenanigans! --Courtney Crull, Project Manager
I love that Fishhook is a place where we get to bring all our individual weirdness and quirks and random skilz to the table. And it makes something so beautiful. --Aimee Cottle, Marketing & Creative Director
Why do I love working at Fishhook? Three words: creativity, community, and snacks. --Kylee Higgins, Digital Ministry Collaborator