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We're Here to Help You Embrace your church’s distinct story and translate it through personal, creative and authentic communication.

How we do the work The Process

We've honed this process over our 20+ years of working with churches. It's the method to our madness! While each project is unique and customized, we always follow these four phases.


№ 1 Listen

Our team believes your church has a distinct story! That’s why we start each project with research. We ask intentional questions, look at community data, send surveys and worship with you to really understand your unique DNA. In the Listening phase, we put our intuition to work, connecting dots and uncovering your audience, strengths, challenges, perceptions and goals.


№ 2 Plan

After the research is collected and our team has a good picture of your distinct story, we get to work. This is where we get to become mad-scientists - bringing all the skilz, energy and creativity of our team to the table. We brainstorm, dream and get organized internally to craft a plan that will help you accomplish your goals. Then, we collaborate with your church to confirm goals, tactics and timeline.


№ 3 Create

Once we know where we’re headed, we mash up our team’s collective creativity with the communications tools of today to write, design and program with the goal of helping you reach your goals.


№ 4 Celebrate

We believe communicating strategically to your congregation and community can make a big impact. So together we celebrate all the things you are accomplishing and the people you are impacting.