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Who We Are

We Value Jesus, Skilz, WOO, Pants AND Ta-Da!

We bring fun and respect into every relationship.
We ignite energy, celebrate remarkable improvements and bring expertise that challenges our clients to catch more!

Evan McBroom

Chief Expansion Officer & Founder

Team leader. Buffoonist. 14-year corporate agency guy. Husband. Dad. Traveler. Cruise director. Obedient. Astonished.

Leah Norton, APR

Managing Partner

Team connector. Client advocate. Corporate and agency P.R. type. Wife. Mom. Dog owner. Unconditionally loved. Forever grateful.

Shayla Kenworthy

Director of Business Development

Learner. Finish-line crosser. Former education nonprofit communications director. Wife. Mommy to 3. Theater nut. Grateful. Devoted.

Lindsay Dudeck

Lead Communications Strategist

Leader. Organizer of chaos. Daring greatly. Former Parks & Rec communications director. Wife. Mommy. Foodie. Faith and life explorer.

Ben Goshow

Lead Web Developer

Pathfinder. Programmer. All-things-web juggler. Father of 2 teens and a toddler. Recovering rule-follower.

Shawn Jones

Web Developer

Investigator. Code creator/manipulator. Accidental IT person. Former arts administrator. Husband. Father. Musician. Tech geek.

Meredith Erwin

Lead Graphic Designer

Dreamer. Maker. Visual storyteller. Former marketing firm designer. Woods wanderer. Mom of BOGO cats + first half of Merelex. Board game enthusiast. Podcast junkie. Ragamuffin.

Aimee Cottle

Director of Marketing

Marketing nut. Social media lover. Once upon a time (and always) Marketing Analyst. Dreamer. Netflix binge-watcher. Family obsessed. Faith and fate believer.

Jamie Shafer

 Communications Strategist

Storyteller. Dreamer. Encourager. Wife. Mom. Lover of words, roller coasters and road trips. Former church communications director. Loved. Redeemed.

Jeremiah Ragsdale

Graphic Designer

Two parts family man, one part designer, a pinch of obsessive, a dash of grit and continually renewed. Stir well, serve chilled.

Adam Bouse

Communications Strategist

Integrator. Communicator. Former pastor and emotional intelligence coach. Podcast junkie. Husband and dad. Possibilitarian. Wholehearted.

Kids & Puppies!

a church will cultivate what they celebrate.