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We are Fishhook

Here's a little about our calling .... 

In 2003, our founder, Evan McBroom, started Fishhook with one goal - To help churches improve the way they fish by improving the way they communicate. 

Communicate well. Catch More. 

Today, Leah Norton and Shayla Kenworthy, Fishhook’s owners, are still just as passionate about that mission. Fishhook has continued to grow and evolve over the years as communications tools continue to change. 20+ years later, our team is made up of strategists, project managers, visual designers, web developers and online engagement experts. 

Our philosophy is simple: we believe if your church can embrace your distinct story and translate it through personal, creative and authentic communication, the Gospel will be heard. And it’s our goal to help you see that too!

We’ve helped hundreds of churches over the years and are grateful, humbled and amazed by God's faithfulness. And we can’t wait to see where He takes us next.

We Work With ...

We've worked with churches of many denominations in more than 32 U.S. states -- plus Canada, Haiti, Honduras, Nigeria, and Romania!

Christian Church (Independent) • 
Apostolic Christian Church of America • Apostolic Pentecostal • Assemblies of God • 
Non-Denominational • 
Baptist • Brethren • Church of God • Church of the Nazarene • 
United Methodist • Southern •