Fishhook Contact

What it means to be Fishhooky

We focus on JESUS so we can focus on others.

Loving and serving Jesus first allows us to better love and serve our families, team and clients.


We are WHOLE PEOPLE, known and valued.

Showing up whole means we can be real, ask for help and bring our best at home and at work.


We bring HUMBLE and HUNGRY hearts to the table.

We ask questions. We learn. We’re ready and eager for what comes next.


We are committed to TEAMNESS built on relationships and trust.

We aim to know and care for each other. We have each other’s backs. Trust is built and gives us the safety to move quickly, be decisive and take risks.


We choose to see POSSIBILITIES everywhere we look.

Rejecting a cynical perspective, we seek out the potential in every person, church and circumstance.


We bring the BUFFOONERY.

We love to laugh. We aren’t normal. Some might even say we’re quirky. And we like it that way.