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As an Account Director at Fishhook, you’re a strategic, positive, big-picture thinker eager to help churches and ministries gain momentum through personal, authentic and creative communications.

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In summary, we are looking for:

  • A collaborative team player who serves as the relationship builder between the Fishhook team and our churches/ministries. You work to humbly encourage, support and be in relationship with them.
  • An empathetic guide and coach who will think strategically to see the big picture, set measurable goals/objectives, develop a plan and/or consider a more thorough process for communications/marketing with our churches/ministries.
  • Someone in the Indianapolis/Central Indiana area who wants full-time work (32-40 hours/week) and is ready for occasional travel and in-person contact (as it is safe, given the pandemic).

    FYI: In the midst of the pandemic, we have been doing much of our work remotely, having meetings through Zoom and are supportive of safe, healthy work settings long term.

For more information about this  position and our team:

About Fishhook

We’re a creative communications team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We’ve been helping churches innovate, create and communicate for 18 years. We’re strategists, designers, developers, spouses, parents, thinkers, tinkerers, and whole people. We show up as whole people and fully believe in the local church. 

Our clients include small, rural churches and multisite megachurches (and everything in between). We have many clients located throughout Indiana, the Midwest and across the nation. We’re inspired and energized by looking for possibilities in every person, church and circumstance.

About the Position

Account Directors at Fishhook work closely with our churches/ministries along with our team. Directors serve as the relationship builder between our churches/ministries and our Fishhook team. They nurture the client relationship as they ask intentional questions, listen, observe, understand, humbly encourage, direct and guide our clients to new possibilities in their communications/marketing efforts.

Account Directors at Fishhook:

  • Guide and coach clients to think strategically, see the big picture, set measurable goals/objectives, know themselves and their intended audiences, develop a plan and/or consider a more thorough process for communications/marketing. 
  • Oversee the experience and our work with the full Fishhook team (at a high level) that we are providing for each client to ensure it is strategic and intentional for that specific church/ministry.
  • Take the lead to write or oversee the messaging/content we are providing for clients to ensure consistency. 
  • Stay connected and supportive of Fishhook Project Managers who are responsible for organizing project details, communicating with our team and guiding the tactical support we provide clients for all of our work including: brand development/brand experience, website development, social media strategy, all kinds of campaigns, etc. 
  • Are willing and able to help where needed. In some seasons or with some projects, Directors may need to support our clients by helping with some project management details. While this is not the Directors’ primary role, there may be times when there is a need to help with details, planning and organization.

About You

We’re looking for a relational collaborator who brings a humble, hungry spirit. This person is a lifelong learner who wants to grow and live out our Fishhook values

We anticipate that you would bring 6-8 years (or more) of experience serving in one or more of the following roles:

  • Account manager/executive at a communications/marketing agency
  • Communications/marketing director with a church, non-profit or company

You’re looking for a full-time opportunity (32-40 hours/week), with some travel that is occasionally overnight and on the weekends (could be several times each year - once COVID restrictions have lifted).

As you work with clients, your strong interpersonal skills would be used every single day. We need someone who can connect well and build trust with others. In addition, you’re a strategic and empathetic thinker with the ability to balance the strategic vision/possibilities along with the tactical and pressing needs of churches/ministries.

You have proven experience and an ability to coach and connect with leaders. You are able to respectfully probe and get to the heart of an issue and then share and encourage next steps for growth.

You enjoy working with content and know that messaging that is focused on the intended audience is vital! Your writing is focused and flexible to hit the mark no matter the audience or communications channel. You are a helpful editor and proofreader. 

You have experience and are eager to work with a collaborative creative communications team - both through our clients and with our Fishhook team. We are a group of strategists, designers, web developers, etc. 

About Pay and Benefits

We have a flexible work environment and encourage everyone to create a daily rhythm that helps them do great work. You’re a person first, employee second. Work diligently, but make space for valuable time with family, friends, your church and in the community. 

On the other side of the COVID pandemic, we have core office days where everyone is in the office - this includes important face-to-face time and impromptu conversations about life and our work. Everyone typically works from home or coffee shops one or two days a week. 

Snacks and “bonus food” is an unofficial core value. We work hard and love some buffoonery. Our office suite is located within a collaborative space/community made up of people and organizations committed to making positive, life-changing impact.

Salary is competitive, paid time off and other benefits are provided. 

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