Church leader, who you are and the work you do matter. Here's a little encouragement for people who work or volunteer at a church.

One of our favorite things to say at Fishhook is: "You and your work matter."

We say this to the awesome church and ministry leaders we get to work with, other partners, friends and each other. 

It's a simple sentence that means a lot to us. And we hope it encourages you today - especially as we begin a new year. 

Who you are and how you serve matter so very much.
But we know it's easy to NOT feel that way. Have you been there? Are you there today? Often we struggle with feeling weary, discouraged, overworked, overwhelmed, fearful, insecure, hurt, angry, undervalued and the list could go on and on. 

I want to encourage you to pause and consider these words of truth ...

You are loved unconditionally.

You are a beautiful child of God. 

It's not about what you do or the problems you are trying to solve.

Your identity is found in Him. 

You are enough.

We hope you can find rest in Christ today. 

Know his love, grace and peace.

As for your work ... thank you so much for using your gifts and talents to serve and lead through God's church, ministry or the organization where you are employed or volunteer. God is at work, and He is using you. Trust Him - even when you don't feel it. And especially when you don't feel it. 

You and your work matter. But especially YOU! 

You are loved and appreciated, friend.