What you can learn from Eastern Star Church's communications growth.

We sat down with Executive Pastor Anthony Murdock to explore how Eastern Star Church rapidly grew their team and really upped communications efforts in response to some pretty aggressive goals.  

A few years ago, Senior Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. felt a stirring to make sure that Eastern Star Church remained on the leading edge of being able to get the gospel out to everyone in the most efficient manner. So, they did an assessment on how they were doing at reaching people outside of Indianapolis. They also wanted to make sure they were connecting with the millennial generation. Their goal was "to be relevant and real." 

When we started our relationship with Eastern Star Church they had one person focusing on communications. They were getting good communications materials out, but to reach some of their bigger goals and to adapt to the changing seasons, they needed to transition. 

They now have nine people on their communications team. 

Listen to this episode to hear:

  1. How they've staffed their team
  2. How they hire the right people for the right positions 
  3. How they changed their budget to accomodate a bigger staff
  4. Advice for how to plan if you think you need to add to your communications team
  5. Where they place their communications leader in the structure of their staff
  6. The results they've seen since adding to their communications team


  1. DIY Brand Identity Audit
    One of the things Pastor Murdock talked about was having a consistent message. Use our DIY Brand Identity Audit to determine if your church communications materials are staying on message
  2. Communications Director Job Description
  3. Online Communications Coordinator Job Description