See how St. John Lutheran is bridging the generational communications gap!

Recently, we sat down with the team at St. John Lutheran Church and School. St. John Lutheran is a 160 year old church, bridging the communications gap in a congregation that spans from ages 96 to 11 weeks.  

The leadership team at St. John knows there are a lot of emotions that come along with the way each generation communicates.

"There's a fear factor that says, if I allow myself to get into this new technology, it will change my life too much. 150 years ago, a grandson could grow up in a world that was pretty much going to look like his grandfather's. But today, two children that are ten years apart, in the same family, are going to grow up in worlds that look different from each other. Part of our congregation resents the acceleration of change in life in general. Not just in the church."

So how do the leaders at St. John help guide people through the changes in technology and communications? 

Hear their advice on bridging generational communications in today's Communicate Church podcast!