Leading and caring for a team is a great privilege and it comes with significant responsibility.

I think of this verse: "To whom much is given, much will be required." - Luke 12:48.

As we are in the Lenten/Easter season, caring for the individuals on our teams is significant because we want to help people grow closer to Christ in the midst of their work, ministry and lives (especially at this time of year).

Here are a few suggestions for leaders to help our teams grow closer to Christ this Easter.

  1. As leaders, we have to go there first!
    We strive to live out what we believe God wants for every person on our teams. (Not that any of us have this all figured out - but we're pursuing it.) 

    We spend time in prayer and God's Word each day - we're seeking God first. We lead our families. Work with purpose. Connect with and serve others. (No task to serve others is beneath anyone who is a leader.) We're regularly connecting in corporate worship. We build in margin with our schedules and we rest.

  2. We discern - what is God asking of us (individually and in our ministry/work) in this season? And we talk it up with our teams. We ask:
    What sacrifice are we meant to make during this season?

    How are we being asked to stretch and grow?

    How will we increase our generosity?

    Who can we encourage and share our faith with?

  3. We get practical with our team's schedules to help encourage the items mentioned above! 
    What is your team's workload in this season? If needed, brainstorm how to get more help, work more efficiently or simplify the list of responsibilities. There is always something we can lessen or change when the load or schedule is too full. And we as leaders have to initiate making a change!

In addition - I believe these questions are vital to ask and encourage:

  • How is each team member connecting with God personally each day?
  • How is each person worshiping corporately on a regular basis and leading up to Easter?
  • And how can each team member build in margin and rest?

As the leader, ask these or similar questions of your team, discuss the answers with them (one on one, over a favorite hot beverage is ideal!) and pray together for God's guidance throughout this Lenten and Easter season.