It's easy to miss the people around us during Christmas. This year, lets minister to people by being more aware and present in the moment.

We live in a culture where MORE and BUSY feel like the best options! Isn't that what we are drawn to as humans? I'm certainly guilty!

As we look to the busy Christmas season—more seems like the way to go. In our planning for our families, with friends and through our churches and ministries, we think it will be better if we have more. More food, more gifts, more get-togethers, more experiences, more events, more services, more to communicate and on and on.

But what if more is the opposite of what we need these days?! What if the people we are striving to connect with and share the hope of Jesus with need something else? What if the people in our congregation or even on our staff team need something else?

The way of Jesus is often the opposite of what our flesh is drawn to! We want to be first ... He says the first will be last. We want our preferences to be the priority ... He asks us to serve and sacrifice. We get caught up in our long list of to-dos and all the noise around us, and Jesus says be still and know that I am God.

In the midst of this year's Christmas planning, let's pray often and work to discern what our audiences really need (your community, congregation and your staff) and be as self aware as possible. Your humanness may be drawn to one thing (bigger events, more services, etc.). It's so much better to ask God what He wants for your church this year! And make changes in your ministry planning and communications as a result.

So as we are praying and planning for the upcoming Christmas ministry season, I encourage every church leader and communicator to consider these questions:

  1. What is God calling you and your church to focus on this Christmas season? 
    I encourage you to laser focus on a hope-filled message that will offer value and tangible, simple next steps that people can take to connect with Jesus and others. Share this message as you gather and make it as easy as possible to find online as well.

  2. Is there a way your efforts throughout the Christmas season can serve your community, congregation and your staff all at the same time?
    (In other words - how can you simultaneously serve others and each other on your staff team?) So many are weary and need encouragement as 2022 wraps up. Many need some kind of help—they are in your community, within your church and on your staff team, too.

  3. Look at what you have planned with a critical eye. How can you make it even more focused and significant? 
    Consider doing less—to actually do more or bring even more value. It sounds counterintuitive! But we see it happen again and again. When we focus and do less prayerfully, God does more. 

Our Fishhook team is always praying for you. Please reach out if we can support you to consider your Christmas goals/vision for this year and how you can bring it to life through a meaningful theme/series, communications and marketing efforts this year.