Churches will cultivate what they celebrate. What can you celebrate in your next staff meeting?

We often say churches will cultivate what they celebrate. This doesn’t mean you have to break out confetti and party horns at every staff meeting (unless you want to), but there should be something to celebrate on a regular basis.

In ministry, it’s tempting to get into a habit of perpetual motion. Just keep moving to the next meeting. Just check off the next item on the to-do list. Just answer a few more emails. But, celebrations require that you pause for a moment to reflect on God’s blessings, remember why you do what you do and express gratitude.

At Fishhook, we celebrate wins on a regular basis in our team meetings because it gives us fresh energy and a broader picture of how God is at work.

What can you celebrate with your staff next week?

Think about your church's beliefs, values, goals and mission. These are things worth cultivating! When a farmer sows seed, he knows what is going to grow in that soil if the conditions are right. As the new plants emerge, he nurtures them. What positive growth is springing up in your church? What do you see in your staff or congregation that you want to encourage?

Reasons for celebration:

  • On mission: How are you seeing your church’s mission being demonstrated through individuals? Capture and share those moments when you think, “Yes! This is what it’s all about!”
  • Accomplished goals: Have you achieved a goal related to ministry impact or generosity? Celebrate it!
  • Relationships: What new relationships are forming locally or globally through your people and ministries? How about relationships that continue to grow and develop?
  • Personal/spiritual growth: Who has taken the next step in their journey with Christ because of something they experienced at your church? Whose life has been changed? Have you seen children or adults grow through your classes, activities or online presence?
  • Answered prayer: How are you seeing God’s faithfulness through prayer? What were you praying for months or years ago? How did God respond?

Celebrating these wins doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, but it does require some intentionality. Add time for celebration to your staff meeting agenda or add a brief appointment to your weekly calendar when you’ll identify causes for celebration.

Here are a few easy ways to celebrate with your staff:

  • Send a quick text or email to let a staff member know you appreciate their work.
  • Write a note of encouragement to a staff member or ministry team.
  • Food! Bring in breakfast, lunch or snacks for your team.
  • In a staff meeting, spotlight a ministry team that has gone above and beyond.
  • Create a culture of story. Each month, set aside a few minutes in your staff meeting for anyone to share a story about a recent win.
  • Fun! Award plastic trophies or other silly tokens at your staff meeting to recognize hard work. (Or decorate someone’s office!)

You may find that some of these wins should be shared with your entire church family. Consider turning these stories into a blog post, graphic, sermon illustration or video.

Is your team already great at celebrating wins? Let us know how you do it, and we’ll share your ideas with other churches!