It's our 12th birthday!! We are so grateful for the culture that Evan has developed over the last 12 years.

From day one, Evan has worked hard to create a culture that is different from most working environments. He put a focus on us as individuals, our families and having an environment that was open and creative. This week Fishhook turned 12 years old, and we couldn't be more excited for what's ahead! Our team is currently in the midst of planning, dreaming and praying for the future. But for now, we want to reflect on how thankful we are for the culture that Evan has developed over the last 12 years. 


  1. Leah Norton - 10 years at Fishhook 
    We love to laugh together! In the midst of success and good times, the laughs come easily. And in the midst of stress or challenges, we lean into laughter, and it's a huge encouragement.
  2. Lindsay Dudeck - 6.5 years at Fishhook
    I enjoy the juxtaposition of so much of our time together: Laughter and sarcasm. Grateful hearts and open hands. Serious conversations and loving dialogue. Reverent and irreverent.
  3. Ben Goshow - 5 years at Fishhook 
    Trust. Above all, Evan has built a team of people that he trusts—with clients, and with each other. Fishhook is a place where we can learn from each other, grow together and are empowered to bring our best to the table.
  4. Megan Cook - 4 years at Fishhook  
    I love the genuine care for one another as people beyond and outside of the work we do.
  5. Shawn Jones - 3.5 years at Fishhook 
    I am most grateful for how important it is to have a work/family balance.
  6. Meredith Erwin - 2 years at Fishhook 
    Respect and trust are critical to the awesome team culture we have at Fishhook. Evan sets the tone for this by his genuine interest in each of us as a whole person, not just because of our "usefulness" as employees.
  7. Shayla Kenworthy - 1 year and 7 months at Fishhook 
    I love the flexibility and the genuine care for each person.
  8. Aimee Cottle - 1 year and 7 months at Fishhook  
    I love the emphasis Evan and the rest of the Fishhook team puts on family. I've heard Evan say that the greatest things we do in our lives won't happen at Fishhook, they will happen at home. That's a beautiful thing. 
  9. Jamie Shafer - 5 months at Fishhook 
    We are more than just employees, and churches are more than just our clients. We value each person's unique design and his or her role on our team. Likewise, we value the leaders, congregation and mission of each church and partner organization. We serve and advise, but we also listen and learn. We pray for each other and our ministry friends. (And, gummy bears are considered a valid office supply item at Fishhook!) 
  10. Anna Montgomery - 5 months at FIshhook 
    I am most thankful for the fun & creative people of Fishhook. I love coming to work everyday (Mondays are my fave!) to work with a group of friends who love our clients, Jesus and having fun! 
  11. Beth Bates - 52 days at Fishhook 
    Evan's generous spirit, gracious guidance, thoughtful coaching and mad marketing skills. And snacks.
  12. Joshua Delph - 3.5 weeks at Fishhook 
    Evan truly cares about each one of us personally as well as professionally. I feel that he wants us to be the best we can be, not so he can get more work out of us, but because he wants us to be truly fulfilled.

Additional thoughts from the Fishhook team: 
"I love working at Fishhook and am thankful Evan listened to God's calling on his life." - Shayla 

"A second part of our culture that I am very grateful for is that we don't try to force anything. We pray and look to how God is leading us. If something feels forced or like we're trying too hard, we try to pause and ask why." -Leah

"I'm so proud and grateful to be a part of Fishhook! It's really a special thing to get to work with so many amazing people." - Meredith 

"This is the greatest environment I have ever worked in. The interpersonal development is off the charts, the work is fun and the people are even fun-ner ;-)." - Joshua Delph 

"Evan, thank you for your humility in leadership. You are quick to praise, eager to listen, and open to suggestion. Not many in your position possess those qualities. It is a joy to be on your team." -Ben

"I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I'm awake and not dreaming. It took a few decades, but I finally found my dream job. Thanks, Evan, for creating Fishhook and for inviting me aboard!" - Beth 

Evan, we know that right now you are probably thinking you wish this post wasn't centered around you ,and you may even be turning a little red. But we truly appreciate you and could not be more grateful for how you trust each of us with the vision that God gave you 12 years ago. Thank you for your leadership and your guidance, and most of all, thanks for the buffoonery! Here's to another 12 years together! 

Part of what has made Fishhook so great these past 12 years is not only our genuine care for the people who work here but also the people we work with. With this in mind, we'd love to share what we feel are three major keys to building a fun and healthy team culture. 

  1. Remember your staff is a group of people, not just a group of employees!
    • Genuinely value people as individuals with families and lives outside of their work.
  2. Learn to laugh!
    • Have fun with your team, and let everyone show their personalities and unique senses of humor. 
  3. Breed an atmosphere of trust and respect!
    • Learn and grow from the people on your team. Understand that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, something they can offer and something they can take away.