Honorary Fishhooker of the month - Christi Hester, Office Manager at Monk Development.

What is her connection with Fishhook? 
Christi is the Office Manager at Monk Development. We've partnered with Monk for many years using their content management system for churches, Ekklesia 360. 

Which of Fishhook's core values does she most reflect?
Skilz - Expertise that challenges clients to catch more

If you were describing Christi to someone who has never met her, what would you say?
Christi is kind, patient, and professional. Even though we've never met face-to-face, I know she's a hard worker and wants the best for her clients.

If someone had half an hour to spend with Christi, what would you recommend they pick her brain about?
How does she keep everything organized? Thousands of clients and accounts, so many co-workers, and she juggles it all with a smile and grace!

What has her impact been on the Church at large?
Christi is a behind-the-scenes team player. And, in my opinion, that is one of the most under-valued positions on most teams. Her work may not be in the spotlight, but without the skills she brings to the table, projects would fall apart.

Anything else you'd like to say?
I hope to meet her someday to tell her face-to-face how much I appreciate her! In the meantime, this amazing claim to fame will have to do.