Honorary Fishhooker of the month - Sarah Mitchell, Communications Director and Secretary at Christ the Savior Lutheran Church

What is her connection with Fishhook? 
Sarah is the communications director at Christ the Savior Lutheran Church.

Which of Fishhook's core values does she most reflect?
Skilz - Expertise that challenges clients to catch more

If you were describing Sarah to someone who has never met her, what would you say?
Sarah keeps the plates spinning and is focused on moving forward. She responds to needs quickly and is a ninja when it comes to project management! Calm under pressure and thoughtfully focused, Sarah adds value to any discussion or project that she is involved in. We love working with her and the full team at Christ the Savior Lutheran Church!

If someone had half an hour to spend with Sarah, what would you recommend they pick her brain about?
Incremental progress. Many communications directors struggle with to-do items that never get the attention they need. Sarah is great at keeping up with the everyday work while continuing to make progress on big goals.

What has her impact been on the Church at large?
We are currently in the process of partnering with Christ the Savior Lutheran on the development of a new visual identity and website. She has been an important champion for that process, with attention to the big picture vision and the details. She also led their staff through our TeamSpeak course and continues to encourage the staff to work together to keep making progress in the area of communications.