Join our 6-week small church cohorts for free in April and May.

While this year has been filled with unexpected obstacles, we are all depending on God and striving to help one another. At Fishhook, we’re seeing churches rise to the challenge. Many of our friends who are serving in smaller churches are diving in to do ministry in creative and completely new ways. You inspire us!

So, in this season of small gatherings, we’d like to invite you to something new. This month, we will be providing a special opportunity for those leading smaller churches.

Small Church Cohorts are online groups designed for pastors/leaders serving in churches of 350 or less. This is a place where you can present challenges, celebrate wins, encourage one another, gain new ideas, and reimagine the possibilities for your ministry.

Small Church Cohorts will help you:

  • Develop your communications strategy
    Perhaps more than ever before, your everyday ministry is inextricably linked to your communications efforts. How can you continue to live your church’s mission during this unique season of ministry? We'll guide you through a plan to get you headed in the right direction.

  • Connect with your audience
    Who are the people you are in an ideal position to reach right now? How can you continue caring for your community and congregation on a weekly basis? How can you create messaging that will connect with those in need?

  • Connect with other pastors and leaders
    Share ideas and encourage one another in real-time as you face weekly opportunities and challenges. We'll help you brainstorm solutions in a safe space where we process and pray for one another.

  • Make the most out of online tools
    Which tools can best help you conduct ministry, provide teaching, and encourage others right now? What analytics can you review to help you learn about the impact you’re making? The Fishhook team will share some tips and we'd love to hear from you!

  • Keep discipleship going
    Our connection to God is so important, especially in this season. How can your regular attenders and newcomers be invited to connect with others and take the next step in their faith journey?

  • Serve and care for others 
    Learn from others who are living their mission in creative ways. How can you keep being the church, even if you can’t gather in person?

Group Details:

  • Cost: April/May group is entirely free

  • Starts: Week of April 13

  • Duration: 6 weeks

  • Members: 15-20 leaders/group (one leader per church)

  • Meetings: 60-minute video calls, guided by members of the Fishhook team

Register here and we'll follow up regarding group meeting times. If you have any questions, connect with Aimee Cottle!