Who wants to reduce clutter and have consistency and visual strength in your church communications? Here's how:

You want to have a clear, compelling identity that makes communication tools stand out and be remembered. It’s important that your tools look like they belong to the same family and are quickly identifiable as your church or organization. 

Implementing a strong brand presence brings consistency and visual strength to your communications as well as reduces visual clutter. Strong brands (think The Red Cross or Target) have distinct logos and colors that make them instantly identifiable and memorable. 

During Fishhook's branding process with churches and faith-based nonprofits, we affirm what messages they want to share with their community based on their vision/priorities and how they hope to connect with those in the area. With that information, we develop the brand, introducing a distinct graphic symbol, tagline, typefaces and colors that represent the heartbeat of the church or organizaiton.

So how do you make the most of your brand, especially if you're launching a new one?
This is a great opportunity to introduce (or re-introduce) who you are to your community in a consistent and creative way. Through an intentional rollout effort, first to the congregation, and then into your local community, you’ll communicate in compelling ways about your vision and new identity. Within, this can be a time of celebration and unity!

Brand launch time can also be a great time of momentum and action. Newly branded communications tools and other items (T-shirts, hats, mugs, water bottles, decals, etc.) can be used to build awareness and strike up conversation with family, friends and neighbors.

Here are a few additional resources about branding:

  • We're often asked to share examples of brands that we find strong and compelling. We've worked with a variety of churches and organizations developing their brands, and here are just a few of our favorites
  • Check out this blog post about one of our clients launching a new brand and the value it's bringing.
  • How do you know when it's time for a new brand? Download our resource and find out! 
A successful brand is the result of a well-thought out, long-term and foundational structure that will serve your church or organization well for years to come. It’s not about having a fancy logo or a trendy look to your communications pieces. It’s about being more visible in the community and in the lives of your people. It's about telling the story of who you are.