Looking for a good way to spotlight your church volunteers? Start with our Volunteer Spotlight Form.

We love volunteers! They are the backbone of many churches, serving in countless ways to assist the staff and elders in sharing the love of Christ with others – from serving with the communications team, helping with events and holding babies in the nursery to working at the church food pantry, singing in the choir and prepping communion. We are thankful for their selfless service because many churches wouldn't be able to accomplish nearly as much ... or have as great of an impact ... without the help of volunteers.

Looking for a way to highlight your awesome volunteers, thank them ... and maybe recruit more to join the fun? Consider a Volunteer Spotlight!

This can be done in multiple ways. Choose which works best for your church! 

  • Spotlight a volunteer on Facebook and Instagram using photos or video. Think succinct, interesting and shareable!
  • Write blog posts that highlight your volunteers, sharing compelling stories of the ways they serve.
  • Feature a volunteer in your church's weekly email or monthly newsletter, so you regularly put an emphasis on the importance of volunteering at your church.
  • Have a space in your church building dedicated to the impact of volunteers. This space should be highly visual with photos, videos and stories.

So how do you go about gathering compelling information for your Volunteer Spotlight? We've put together a Volunteer Spotlight Form of questions to ask volunteers! These questions ask personal questions about the volunteer (family, hobbies, fun facts, etc.) and seek to find out the person's heart for volunteering, interesting stories, what they’ve learned through volunteering, etc. Then, based on their answers, you can craft the Volunteer Spotlight using the most compelling and interesting information they share. 

Here are a few additional suggestions:

  • Because you already have a lot on your plate, we’d recommend automating this process to make gathering this information as streamlined as possible. You could put these questions into a survey tool like Formstack or SurveyMonkey. Or you can create a Google Form for your volunteers to fill out; we use Google Forms all the time at Fishhook.
  • Making your Volunteer Spotlight a regular part of your content development cycle means it's important to give your volunteers a deadline when filling out the questions, so you get the content by the time you need it. You can also gather many submissions at a time, so you have a stockpile to choose from when needed.
  • Be sure to request photos from each person to feature with their Volunteer Spotlight. Headshots are okay, but more compelling photos would be better (such as photos showing the person in action as a volunteer with your church). If they don’t have any photos like this and neither does your church, then nice family photos would be better than headshots. Photos also help your readers get to know other members of the church and put a face with a name.
  • Besides sharing about your great volunteers, another goal of your Volunteer Spotlight is to encourage others to volunteer. At the end of the Volunteer Spotlight, make sure to include a call-to-action for those interested in learning more about volunteering at your church. The more, the merrier!

A Volunteer Spotlight is just one way to make your volunteers feel special and loved as you show your appreciation and thank them for all the ways they help your church. Thank you, volunteers!

Download our Volunteer Spotlight Form here!