Download our free Sermon Recap Blog Post Template and get started creating well-written, consistent content!

We know creating blog post content can be a daunting task. Every week, we stare at the blank space we're supposed to fill and wonder how in the world we're going to get from an introduction to a conclusion. This is our job and something we do on a regular basis, but even for us, creating content doesn't always come easily.

Recently, we stumbled upon a helpful tool that HubSpot created for marketers looking to post consistent blog content. While reading through the tips and tools in their 5 Free Blog Post Templates, we had a light bulb moment ... why not create blog post templates geared toward church-related content? We talk to churches all the time about the benefit of consistently posting on their blog. Why not take the time to make that process as easy as we can? 

For church communicators, we wanted to build a template that would help them churn out content on a faster and more consistent basis without sacrificing quality. But, we still needed to keep in mind that they may be handing these templates off to ministry leaders and volunteers who might need more guidance when it comes to organizing their thoughts in a well-written post. 

So, we sat down to create blog post templates that would be helpful to both church communicators as well as ministry leaders and volunteers who are less familiar with the process. 

Click below to download our first free blog post template: the Sermon Recap!

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