"Less Chaos. Less Noise." contains important updates and fresh examples, reflects current tools and is packed with new resources including a few from Fishhook!

I met Kem in 2005 at the very first MinistryCOM event in Houston, Texas. We struck up a conversation at a pre-event gathering for speakers and planners and quickly learned that we were both former corporate communication types. I was newer in the transition and found Kem to be a powerful encourager. Over the years, our paths continued to cross at various events and conferences, and on a few occasions, we got together for coffee or lunch to continue that encouragement.

Kem's original book, "Less Clutter. Less Noise.: Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales," was nearly required reading for each new Fishhooker and for many of our clients. But as Kem says, a lot has changed since she published it in 2009.
While not thinking the book was any less significant over time, it's seriously exciting to know that the revised book, "Less Chaos. Less Noise.: Effective Communications for an Effective Church," contains important updates and fresh examples, reflects current tools and is packed with new resources from those who really love church communications ... including Fishhook!
We were honored when Kem asked us to include two of our top resources in her updated book: the Weekly Communications Checklist and the Monthly Analytics Checklist.
With "Less Chaos. Less Noise.," you'll get a strong understanding of the unique communications challenges and opportunities in the local church. For communications professionals – those who are transferring their experience to the Church – you're going to see what you know to be true about communications brought to life in your new environment. For those who have been serving in the church and are either now in charge of communications or care about it deeply, you will now have a vocabulary to describe what you may have been feeling. For many church staffs, this would be a great all-staff book study.
If you're looking to have clear and effective communications, we strongly recommend this book. It'll improve the way you fish by improving the way you communicate, helping your church "catch more" people for Christ.