You have plans for connecting people to the heart of Jesus this Christmas, but how’s your own heart?

It’s Christmastime! The most wonderful time of the year. Or at least it used to be—before you started working at a church. All jokes aside, Christmas comes with its own set of stressors for those in Christian ministry. 

I’m not going to tell you anything you don’t already know. Planning for Christmas is hard work and you’re doing it on top of all of your other responsibilities at your church. There is a pressure (internal and/or external) to top last year’s Christmas services or try something that another church has done with success. There are volunteer teams to coordinate, staff teams to align with and church members to communicate with. 

Oh, and you’re probably thinking of ways to connect with people outside of your church during the Christmas season as well. 

This is all good work. Even rewarding work! But have you ever felt like you talk about the joy of the season more than you experience it?

You’re not alone, Church Leader. 

Here are three things that you can find rest in as you ramp up into another busy season. 

God’s promises are always true.

You can find rest in Him. His yoke is easy and his burden is light. And yet, in the beautiful mystery of how God works, we’re still called to carry our cross. Following Jesus is both easy and hard! Don’t forget the “easy” parts of His promises!

The Good News is worth sharing. 

People are hurting and struggling. You know people that need some hope right now and this is the time of year where they might be most open to receiving it. In the midst of busyness and endless tasks, let the thought of connecting with the one fuel your efforts in the weeks to come.

He can even use your weakness for good.

Are you worn out and lacking motivation? The Bible is full of stories about people in that same situation and God often used them for good. If you’re truly struggling with burnout during this season, please don’t struggle in that alone. Share that with a trusted friend or church leader and take steps to get healthy. But know that God can and will use all of your efforts, even in your weakness. 

With all of that said, church leaders still need to slow down enough to remember what is true. Our prayer for you this Christmas is that you will rest in God’s promises and delight in the good work that He has called you to. 

You and your work matter.

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