Our encouragement for church leaders during political unrest. How can your church encourage and lead your congregation and community?

Today, I want you to hear that you and your work matters.

We say this a lot at Fishhook because we know it's true. The work you do as church leaders really matters. And you matter even more. We notice how you navigate the hard things that are happening in our world and how you care for the people in your communities. And today, in the midst of a pretty tumultuous election, we know you are continuing to journey through hard things with your congregations.  

We've seen many churches pointing people to the hope we find in Jesus and not in our worldly leaders. You are helping people remember that we live in this world but are not of it. And you are reminding people this broken place is not where we belong and is not where we will stay.

Here are what several pastors and churches are pointing people to in this season. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired by this sharing:

  • Lead pastor of East 91st Street Christian Church, Rick Grover, shares about our identity being in Jesus in this recent blog post.
  • Pastor Danny Anderson from Emmanuel Church reminds us if we can’t change the circumstances, we can always change our perspective.
  • In Whitewater Crossing Church's sermon series, Talking Points, they remind us it's about choosing relationships over politics.
  • Pastor Eric Simpson at Eagle Church reminds his congregation that no matter what happens on November 3, God is already there. He charges everyone to remember to view our politics through Jesus and not Jesus through our politics. And encourages everyone to have humility and give grace when they see something differently than someone else. 
  • The Ridge's pastor, Adam Johnson, posted on Facebook that he is committing to follow Jesus' lead in John 15:12 to love and has encouraged people to join him. 

There are many other examples we could share of how well you are all navigating the circumstances that 2020 has thrown us. As disciples, you are carrying His light into the dark places of the world. Thanks for leading people well and sharing that no matter how the election turns out, God will still be on His throne (Psalm 45:6) and God is still good (Psalm 145:9).  

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." - John 16:33.

The Fishhook team is praying for each of you as you lead your churches this week and in the weeks to come.