Let’s take a look at the latest updates coming out of the 2022 Rock Conference.

Our team was in Phoenix, Arizona last week to glean all of the freshest news and best practices from RX2022, a conference all about Rock RMS. 

If you are unfamiliar with Rock, it’s a database system for churches to manage relationships with their members. At Fishhook, we can build your website with Rock to give all of your guests a personalized experience that caters to their unique relationship with your church. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the exciting news and developments announced at RX2022.

1. Messaging can be more personalized than ever.

Using personal Rock profiles and Lava code, you can now personalize each guest's experience with your website more than ever before. Some of these possible personalization opportunities include:

  • Using their name or family status to show a personal touch throughout their time on your site.
  • Enabling geofencing to specialize your message to a community, such as a college campus near your church. Examples include, “Hoosiers can find Christ and community here.”
  • Building custom segments to help people take next steps. You could send custom communications to contact segments you build, such as those who attended a special event, visited your baptism page or have watched five or more sermons on your site.

2. Building forms will be easier and more accessible to your team.

Building forms in Rock has been a team effort in the past, usually requiring the expertise of someone with some advanced technical knowledge.

Now, ministry team members will have the capability to build forms on their own. Using a drag-and-drop format, Rock forms will be easier for your staff to build and establish a workflow for. 

3. Interactive media will track in depth analytics.

Soon, each of your interactive media items (think sermons or other multimedia content) will have its own analytics and engagement tracking. Each of these media items will record metrics on how guests are engaging with it, how many are taking in the content and for how long as well as which topics and videos guests are seeking out.

While some of this has been possible previously using different tools, Rock will now serve it up to you within one localized space for your team to review and take action on.

4. Community content can be reached from the Cloud.

Most churches don’t have the time or bandwidth to create all the content they wish they could deliver to their guests. And while it will still be important for you to create your own unique content, the Rock community will help lighten the load for the volume and variety of content you have to create.

Through the Rock cloud, churches will be able to share and download content they are creating. For example, Church A could upload a series of blogs on anxiety their team created over the last few months. Church B could pull that content from the cloud and repurpose it to support an upcoming sermon series on anxiety. 

Through the Rock cloud, churches will be able to work together to advance the Kingdom through rich and applicable content.

5. Rock is coming to Apple TV.

Rock is in the process of developing a media centric app for Apple TV. This app will allow guests to engage with your media and other valuable content from the comfort of their couch. When guests are logged in to your website, mobile app or Apple TV app, they will be able to pause a sermon on one device, and continue watching it on another.

This personalization gives your guests a seamless way to engage with your content on any platform—at any time.

Who’s ready to dive in on all things Rock?

If you're like us, you're more than excited to start using these upcoming tools to engage with your guests more deeply and accurately! Don’t forget to dream big and use the digital tools Rock offers to continue pushing your ministry forward.

Interested in learning more about Rock websites, or have questions about adding these exciting tools to your digital strategy? Our team would love to connect with you and chat more about next steps.