I asked each person on our team to summarize what they learned or were reminded of throughout the Fishhook rebranding process.

Just last week Fishhook launched our new identity. It's exciting to communicate in this refreshed way.

Yet our team was reminded in recent weeks that this creative process and planning work - to launch a new brand, along with a new website and numerous other tools - is significant. This effort has brought a lot of fun and excitement to our team but also some stress and challenge. We've learned a lot - and it's going to make us even better equipped to work with our clients and support them in their identity and website makeovers.

I asked each person on our team to summarize what they learned or were reminded of throughout our rebranding process. Here's what they had to say:

Ben Goshow: When it comes to a new website, content is the biggest hurdle to get over. It's so easy to postpone it by working on something more fun, engaging or pretty. Having a group "work jam" - Fishhook had two of these sessions to write, edit and proof - is a HUGE help in getting through this sometimes difficult task!

Evan McBroom: For a team deeply committed to the organization, the idea of changing the brand brings with it a lot of emotion. Once you make the decision to change, it brings a lot of conversation. As the launch date looms, comes a lot of stress and a lot of work. Once the new brand launches, it brings excitement and ideally, fresh momentum.  

Lindsay Dudeck: This process was a lot of work! We were sitting in our clients' seats, and I kept thinking, 'Oh, this is how it feels to plan, design, edit and rewrite content, and more. This takes energy and dedication!'

Megan Cook: It's hard to stop and make time to work on the rebranding when you have other pressing priorities. I've also learned that to-do lists, with deadlines, are a must!

Shawn Jones: It is great to be part of a team. Everyone knew their tasks (thanks to Basecamp), and they got them done. It was truly a team effort.

Tara Needler: I've learned the importance of walking the talk. I started at Fishhook as the rebranding was taking place. It was encouraging to me to see this team working through the ideas and concepts we talk with our clients about.

Leah Norton: Teamwork and flexibility are key! I love how each of us ran with different pieces and parts of our rebranding work depending on what we had the time for or inspiration to do. And, we were continually accessing what our priorities needed to be and modified our plan and deadlines as a result. 

Have you been through a branding (or rebranding) process? Launched a website? Launched other communications tools or projects? What lessons did you learn? We'd love to hear!