The new year is quickly approaching and with it, a chance to have great conversations for learning and growth.

Have you been thinking about 2023? It's that time!

Maybe you're hopeful and motivated for the new year. You're ready to dream big, set goals and establish new habits.

Or, if it's been a particularly difficult season—you might anticipate that turning the calendar to a new year will bring renewed strength. You're praying and ready for a fresh start!

No matter where you find yourself, as leaders, I think it's so important to pray about and anticipate the new year. This can be for you personally, for your family and in your work. 

We want to be good stewards of our time, energy and talents. The new year is a great opportunity to pray, plan and commit to the direction God has for each of us and with our teams!

What does this look like for us at Fishhook? What questions are we asking and what are we exploring as we look to develop new goals and priorities for 2023? 

Here's a list we've made, and we'll be talking through (praying through) these items at our upcoming team retreat and in the weeks to come.

We aim to serve. 

As we stretch to support the churches we serve, it helps us pick priorities and innovate in the midst of that work. 

  • We're asking: What are our churches facing? What are their needs and opportunities ahead? And how can we support them more and better? We're asking our churches and listening to hear their feedback.

  • You might want to ask: Who are you called to serve? What do they need? As you support the people you are called to connect with, your priorities and goals will become more obvious and focused.

Who can we learn with and partner with? 

It's a privilege to be connected with others. It's humbling to learn with others and to recognize we need each other. And in the midst of collaboration and partnership, this trust and shared resources can lead to incredible impact and results.

  • We're asking: Who can we connect with? Learn with? Partner with to help our churches and grow as a team?
  • You might want to ask: Who can you connect with to learn and accomplish more? Who do you already know or who would you like to know?

What does our team see? 

We strive to take time to connect with each other on a regular basis. At the end of the year, we have a team retreat, end-of-year reviews with each Fishhooker and other intentional conversations.

  • We ask questions like: What do you love or what inspires you? What isn’t working or could be better? What should we try? We learn so much by processing with each other and as a team.

  • You might want to ask: What does your team see? What do they love? What isn't working? What should you try?
What topics or questions would you add to this list? Can you take some time to have these meaningful conversations? I bet you'll be fascinated and challenged by this input and ideas!
We'd love to hear more about how you are planning, exploring and dreaming up your goals and priorities for the new year. 

Our team is praying with you. Cheers to the new year!