The story of Danville Friends Church.

Like many churches, Danville Friends Church has a timeless message to share but admitted they needed some help in navigating communications methods that would help them connect in stronger ways with their community.

As Fishhook began working alongside Pastor Mike Thornburg and a team of volunteers, we were so encouraged by the warmth of the church family and the existing opportunities they had in their community.

To help them make progress, we walked through an assessment of their current communications processes and made recommendations to get them started in the right direction. Their team was open and willing to try new approaches. We immediately began branding work to provide them with a fresh visual identity that would express the warmth of the congregation and their 140-year commitment to remaining centered on Christ. Finally, we worked with their team to create a new website that was true to their identity and message.

Since that time, church leaders and members have embraced their new visual identity and are using it as a tool to start conversations and become more visible in their community, even through simple efforts like hosting parking for the county fair. We have loved working with this church and seeing them grow in their communications efforts. We are cheering you on, Danville Friends Church!

Here is a little more of their story: