Have you ever wished that you had more hours in the day to accomplish all the things you want to do for your ministry?

I know that feeling. In a church communications role, it feels like there are always more stories to tell, designs to refine or landing pages to build. Ideally, you can prioritize and give the proper time and attention to each task, but it doesn’t always play out that way. 

We already discussed the surprising benefits of a strategic partnership. We love being a strategic partner to churches. At Fishhook, we truly see ourselves as an extension of your ministry.

So what would it look like to have your ministry extended through a partnership?

Here are a few ways Fishhook helps churches every day:

  1. Big picture thinking. You are way down in the weeds on most days. You have to be in order to carry out the urgent tasks of your ministry. As an extension of your ministry, Fishhook gets to play the role of helping you to see the bigger picture and how the different parts and pieces fit together. We help you play the long game!

  2. Outside perspective. You know your ministry and context better than anyone. But sometimes you need to look through a different lens to see the best solution for a complex problem. Fishhook provides that new perspective to your team and church.

  3. A gentle nudge. Sometimes in ministry it can be hard to have the energy to sustain progress in the direction that you know you need to go. Because we’re constantly thinking about the big picture and offer an outside perspective, we can also play the role of encouraging progress toward your church’s mission, vision and values. We’re that gentle nudge in the right direction.

  4. Creative energy. Sunday is always coming. You may not always feel like you have the creativity for the next event or sermon series, but our team loves to bring fresh ideas to energize your team and ministry. Creative energy is what we do and we bring that to your ministry, too.

  5. Checking things off. We know you have too many things on your list and we have a full team that is ready to help you check some things off. Design, marketing plans, web programming, SEO, digital analytics, writing—we have you covered and can genuinely act as an extension of your ministry by helping you to execute your most important communications tasks. 

  6. Encouragement. Ministry can be hard and sometimes you need the encouragement to keep going. This is just a bonus that we bring as a part of our work at Fishhook. We celebrate the work that you’re already doing and build off of it to provide you with what you need moving forward. Whether that’s social media, website redesign, a new brand identity or anything in between, we’re here to support your work, pray alongside you, and cheer you on!

We help churches with specific web and design projects all the time. But one of our favorite ways to build relationships with churches is through an ongoing monthly retainer. 

Through a retainer, you have access to our designers, web developers, and strategists for a set number of hours each month to meet your biggest ministry needs. This can include graphic design, writing, coaching, website support, SEO and analytics, consulting around marketing/communications strategies, social media strategy and implementation.

Fishhook is a partner, not just an agency.

On top of all of that, we also like to think that you get some friends and partners in ministry ... which might be exactly what you need!

Ready to start a conversation? Reach out to learn more and let Fishhook be an extension of your next season of ministry.