Hello! My name is Tara Needler, and I am the newest Fishhooker (I feel really weird saying that!).

Hello! My name is Tara Needler, and I am the newest Fishhooker (I feel really weird saying that!). Here's a little bit about me!

What I do at Fishhook?

I am the summer intern, although I prefer the title communications coordinator. I am here to learn, grow and begin my career in the communications world.

Why I work here?

I was blessed to find Fishhook through a friend at college; stalked them on Facebook; and emailed the team to see if I could meet them. The rest is history. It is my ideal place to work - somewhere I feel valued and encouraged, where God and family are a priority and where both my passion for Christ and communications become one.

What I did before Fishhook?

I just graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University where I majored in Communication Studies, was a track and field athlete and met my husband.

Home, family, pets?

My husband, Brad, and I just moved to Fishers from Marion. I am originally from West Lafayette. We will be getting a dog as soon as we settle into Fishers. But, when time allows, I really want a pot-bellied pig!

My home church?

We are on the hunt and have heard wonderful things about many different churches in the area.

Favorite indulgence food?

A cheeseburger and milkshake.

Tara’s Light Bulb Moments

Now, on to what will be known as my “Light Bulb Moments” this summer. I tend to think in terms of metaphors, so with that said, some light bulb moments may be brighter than others and some, like those energy efficient light bulbs, may take a while to come to life.

Some initial light bulb moments came to me while at last Thursday's “The Table”, a quarterly gathering of central Indiana church communicators for learning, networking and encouragement:

  • Favorite quote: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
  • Building a team that is aligned means building trust.
  • Alignment = We have to function as a whole. This means strategizing together, planning together, executing together and communicating the same information to everyone.
  • Understanding that you are a part of something greater than yourself will aid in creating a constant state of alignment.
  • Be willing to have the hard conversations and don’t be afraid to say "no."
  • Don’t isolate members. Different people - and their different lenses for viewing situations and opportunities - need to be present for effective planning and communications.
  • We have to be internally cohesive. We have to be in alignment with each other, especially in church communications. Not because it is our job, but because it is our calling.

I'm eager to experience, share and discuss many more light bulb moments through my work at Fishhook. It's going to be a great summer!