A refreshed visual identity, new website, updated services and a promise to churches ...

2020 has been a significant year for every single human being. Every single one of us.

You know how it’s gone … There have been many circumstances out of our control. Disappointment. Limitations. Sometimes sickness and deep pain. We’ve had to dig deep to accept hard things. Face them. Work through them. Find the hope we need each day and carry on.

At Fishhook, our team has been right there with you. It’s been hard. And, it’s also been a time where we’ve felt an even deeper calling to what brings purpose in our lives. Our families. Our churches and communities. Our work.

Our Fishhook team cares deeply about our mission to partner with and energize churches to communicate and engage with more people - their congregations, their communities and online.

And throughout 2020, our team has been on a specific journey - to clarify who we are and affirm the gifts and value we can offer to churches. And today - we’re ready to share more! 

We’ve spent the past nine months doing a lot of work behind the scenes to evaluate and make sure the experience we’re creating is the experience we believe we’re supposed to create. That might sound trivial, but stick with us. 

We believe that every organization - especially every church - has a very distinct story. And that if you can translate your story through personal, creative and authentic communication, it will directly impact the effectiveness of your mission. 

So we began to ask ourselves questions like:
“What makes our story distinct?”
“What value do we want to bring to churches?”
“What are the biggest problems churches are facing?”
“And how are we uniquely positioned to help them solve those problems?” 

This led to several updates: A refreshed visual identity. New, updated and refined services. And a new value statement. 

So, what will you notice? 
  • You’ll see the same Fishhook name and logo - but with a refreshed visual identity. We hope this expresses our hearts to be genuine as we intentionally work with our churches - while also bringing a playful and encouraging spirit. We want the experience we create to bring creativity and joy to our work and to churches and lead to great impact.
  • Our updated services. Whether we’re partnering with a church to develop a new brand, website, social strategy or marketing campaign, our team is focused on uncovering each church’s distinct story. Then, we share it with creativity and clarity to engage with their intended audiences.

    This means that we’re putting a renewed focus on creating a whole world for our churches through what we call their “brand experience”. This will become the foundation of our work with the goal to guide churches to reach people with consistent and creative communications and marketing strategies online, within their church and throughout the community.
  • Our value statement and promise to every church. Our focus is on encouraging and equipping every church we connect with. Our team is committed to collaborating deeply with churches to help them better connect with their audiences, to reach people with the hope of Christ and grow in their faith journey.

    And so, our promise is: To help every church embrace their distinct story and translate it through personal, creative and authentic communication. 

Through Christ’s goodness, Fishhook has had the incredible privilege to help hundreds of churches for almost 18 years This work is a continuation of our story. We are so grateful and humbled. 

In the coming weeks, we hope you experience fresh resources that encourage and equip you. That help you embrace your church’s distinct story. That remind you that you and your work matter. 

We are praying for you and cheering you on.