Easter is over but it's still important to be intentional with your communications. Here are three areas you can focus on this week!

So, now what?

You planned for and welcomed new guests at your church for Easter events and services. You have amazing stories to share and I’m sure a few things you can laugh at now that you’ve moved through it. 

But how are you planning to connect with your guests now that the calendar has moved past Easter? Because the goal shouldn’t just be to get newcomers to your church, but to engage with them so they continue growing closer to Christ. 

How are you planning on celebrating with your team and encouraging them with ministry stories?

Being intentional about this follow-up planning will set your team up for success.

Following Up with Your First-Time Guests

How we follow up with our guests is just as important as how we prepare for them. Creating intentional processes and plans beforehand helps us not drop this important ball. We want our guests to take a next step and we have to let them know how they can do that in very simple and inviting ways.

Here are a few practical next steps you can take when following up with your first-time guests:

  • With your leaders, outline what next steps you hope a first-time guest might take. Be practical on what you hope they do. Committing to a small group might be a big ask, but maybe you share resources they can read/watch, invite them to church the following week for your new sermon series kick-off or ask them to attend a “get to know you” event.
  • Follow up with your guests. This is an important step that shouldn’t be missed. Consider recruiting volunteers to help you handwrite notes thanking guests for joining you for an event or service. Make sure you give them one or two easy next steps.

Continue Sharing Meaningful Content After Easter

Just because Easter is over doesn’t mean you don’t have an important message to share. The church continues to and will always have the most important message that everyone needs to hear - the hope of Christ! So think about how you will continue to share meaningful content online and with your congregation. 

Here are a few suggestions that you could run with:

  • Share a recap video or photos from your Easter events and services at your church and on social media the following weekend. Help your congregation and people online share in the joy and hope that Easter brings to us all. Remind people that this lives on!
  • Ask your volunteers to share stories from serving during the Easter holiday. What did they notice and experience? Then encourage others to get involved. 
  • Share encouraging quotes or scripture with people online to help them stay engaged with God’s word.

Debriefing and Celebrating with Your Church Staff and Volunteers

It’s important to pause and reflect with your team after you’ve run hard! A church will cultivate what it celebrates. So celebrate the amazing ministry moments you experienced through the Lent and Easter season. 

You can use these steps after any ministry initiative you walk through. Maybe a special sermon series, fall kick off, community events or the Christmas season. It’s always important to follow up and celebrate because ministry is hard, but so very worth it.

Remember - you and your work matter!