With Fishhook's 20th anniversary coming up, we wanted to share some things we've learned about working in church communications over the years.

1. It all belongs to God! Fishhook is God's company to support His Church. 
We love this mission, and we strive to lead and steward it well. But ultimately, our work, the impact, and our future are all up to Him! 

2. We are here for the local church. We love church leaders and pastors! 
In fact, we love them (you) so much that sometimes when we worship with you, pray with you or watch beautiful work unfold with you - we cry! You make us cry!!! 

3. We are here to serve people. 
Ahead of the work and tasks. We strive to serve each other as a team and to care for and serve our church and ministry leaders. 

4. The best work day...
is when we pray (give it to God), thank Him for the privilege of this work, and then are eager and diligent to carry it out.

5. Asking thoughtful questions (and listening) moves a conversation forward every... single... time. 
We ask questions to build connections, learning and understanding.

6. The most rewarding creativity is collaborative. 
We give space for conversation, new ideas and watch for God's prompting. 

7. The best brainstorming involves food, playdough and crayons! 
Make it a game, get people moving, and give prizes and you'll make magic!

8. Knowing our "why?"
At Fishhook and discerning the "why" of our churches is critical for every season and project. This keeps us focused on the mission and strategy ahead of focusing on the tactics and tools. (In other words - we answer the "why" before we dive into the "what.")

9. Empathy is a superpower. 
We want to know people. Understand their struggles. Then strive to bring value. Help them solve problems. Offer encouragement.

10. We grow through hard things and work through conflict. 
In short, we try to talk about anything and everything. We say our struggles out loud (in a respectful manner) and aim to work through it. 

Stay tuned for Part 2!
Did you think that was all? I sure hope not! We've got tons more to share on our site and our social media accounts (which you definitely need to follow!) in the next few weeks. 

Continue following along as Fishhook draws closer to our 20 year anniversary!