You might sound smarter if ... tips on how to use "me, myself and I." Some of the Fishhook team created a quick video to give you examples of these common faux pas!

I start a sentence, pause and hesitate. Which pronoun do I use? If I'm talking about a group of people, where do I put my name/pronoun in the order? Suddenly, I'm five again and Mom is helping me think through it! "Lindsay, just ask yourself a few questions in your head before you say it. Who's going to the park? Me is going to the park? Her is going to the park? No. That sounds silly! Try ‘She and I are gong to the park.’ ”

Thanks, Mom! I use that trick all the time.

Lesson Two: Me, Myself and I

I’m not alone. Many people struggle with pronouns and when to use them. Myself instead of I. Him instead of he. When you get stuck, simply mentally complete the sentence like my Mom taught.

Maybe this will help paint the picture! Ben, Shayla, Aimee, Shawn and I created this quick video to give you some examples of common faux pas.

You Might Sound Smarter If ...Lesson 2 from Fishhook on Vimeo.

More Examples:

Meg is as strong as he/him. - If I mentally complete the sentence, I would say, “Meg is as strong as he is.” Therefore, he is the correct answer. 

You and I/me should go for a walk. If I mentally complete the sentence, I would say, “I should go for a walk.” Therefore, I is the correct answer.

Jon, she/her and I/me are working on the project. If I mentally complete the sentence, I would say, “She is working on the project.” and “I am working on the project.” Therefore, she and I are the correct pronouns.

Next time you wonder which pronoun to use, you might sound smarter if you pause and mentally complete the sentence first. 

If you have grammar pet peeves you’d like for me to cover, send them hereNext in our series, “Is that a word?”