Looking to reach more people through the Bible App? There's a powerful new tool to help your ministry anytime, anywhere.

If you’re a church looking for a new way to connect with your audience, YouVersion for Churches may be a great tool for your ministry. 

So, What Is It?

YouVersion for Churches allows local churches to have a presence on the Bible App, which is currently installed on over 500 million devices across the world. This new feature gives the local church a presence on the Bible App and a new way to engage people, even if they aren't physically present. 

YouVersion for Churches is based on two key tools: Church Profile and Church Insights.

Church Profile

The first step in having your church’s presence on the Bible App is to set up your Church Profile. On your profile, you can add basic church information, your church’s unique branding, how to contact you and more. 

One great feature is that you can add a highlighted Bible plan for your people to connect with. You can use this tool to connect with a message series or minister to people through an event or topic.

In order to find your church on the Bible App, you can provide your people with a generated QR code or direct link to get them to your profile. Your church will also appear in the app Search function and in the Community tab.

Guests can set your church as their "Home" and get notified when you add new Bible reading plans or devotionals. This allows quick and easy access for those engaged with your church.

On the staff side of things, you can add admins from your team to oversee your Church Profile information and which Bible plans you will highlight.


After your church establishes its profile on the Bible App, the Insights feature will come into play. Insights gives you a look into how your congregation and Bible App users as a whole are interacting with Scripture and what they are searching for. These searches could include specific devotionals, books of the Bible, or topics such as anxiety or financial stewardship.

Insights can be accessed within your individual Church Profile as well as within the YouVersion Bible App trends. Trends can be sorted geographically, too, so you can have more insight into what people in your community are connecting with or searching for.

All data collected through the Bible App is anonymous, so it will be tracked but not be attached to any sort of individual. So, you can confidently engage with Insights and minister to your people without crossing any sort of privacy boundaries.

Should You Use It?

That’s a great question! That depends on your church and your goals with digital discipleship. Let’s look over the benefits of the tool to help you decide.

  • There is no cost to utilize the YouVersion for Churches platform, including Profile and Insights. 
  • Utilizing the Bible App is a great way for you to engage with your congregation every day the week.
  • Having a Church Profile will help people connect with your church congregation and find new people in the Bible App. 
  • Millions of people already have the Bible App, so you can meet them where they are.
  • Find great Bible-based reading plans to share with your people. This is very helpful if your church doesn’t have the margin to create your own unique content each week.

Whether or not you know if this tool is right for you, it is probably worth having a discussion on where your team sees possibilities to minister to your people and others across the globe.

Looking to learn more about how your church can leverage the Bible App in your digital strategy?

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