Super Bowl Ads - 3 Communications Principles to Apply

February 8, 2019

Every year my family has the greatest Super Bowl party of all time. I'm talking 50 people. Games. Prizes. 5 different kinds of dip.

Now that's a party, am I right?

My aunt and uncle have been throwing this party for probably 10 years. And each year it gets better. 

Some people come for the game. Some people come for the prizes. And some people come for the commercials. 

This year, overall, the commercials were fine. Not great. Not terrible. However, a few really stood out to me. In fact, we can learn from them. 

Here are three specific principles - inspired by these commercials - that should be core to your church or ministry's communications strategy. 

  1. Real stories always win. 
    Microsoft's commercial told the inspirational stories of young gamers who are rising to the top of their game with a little help from the Xbox Adaptive Controller. I've never felt connected to Microsoft as a company. I don't know their mission, their vision or even much about their products. But in two minutes, I immediately started cheering for them.

    Your church has the greatest stories of hope, inspiration and life change. Find them. Tell them. 
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 
    We say this a lot around the farmhouse. You'll often find us making fun of ourselves. (Remember all the times Leah missed a turn? Remember that time Shayla caught Adam on fire? Remember the time Ben wore flip-flops in the snow?) Amazon took that same approach when they took a hyperbolic look at some Alexa fails. The combination of characters, and the fact that Harrison Ford gets mad at a French Bulldog, makes it a win in my book. Moral of the story: Have some fun. It's good to laugh. It's good to show the real people who are leading your church.

    So pull out your phone next time someone from your team does something hilarious. Your audience will thank you later. 
  3. Celebrate!
    You're probably tired of hearing us say, "a church will cultivate what it celebrates." But it's so true! This year the NFL celebrated its 100th season. They gathered players from the past, present and future for my favorite commercial from this year's Super Bowl. It was a mix of nostalgia and hope for what's to come. (I mean, come on, when Sam Gordon tells Richard Sherman to, "come and get it," I just couldn't contain my excitement!)

    When your church celebrates your past and paints a picture for where you're headed, people will want to be part of it.

Ok, so tell me: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year?! How is your church doing with these three key communications principles? Need some support? I'm here for you. 

Aimee Cottle

Director of Marketing