A Dose of Encouragement

January 17, 2019

Do you have significant goals, priorities or challenges to address this year? In your ministry and work? In your home?

Are you energized or weary? 

Do you have hope or is there pain or hardship you're working through? 

I can answer "yes" to all of these questions! How about you? 

I've learned so much in recent months about holding many and a wide spectrum of emotions in my heart and mind at the same time - and finding resolve and peace to carry on in the midst of it all. 

This past October, my father died. And as many of you know, Fishhook's founder, my business partner and dear friend Evan McBroom stepped away from daily operations at Fishhook in December.

In both of these situations, there have been so many emotions. Often, I have felt such a range of feelings including sadness, fear, anxiety, frustration, gratitude, love, hope, peace and even more. I've tried to be honest everyday about my feelings and needs with God, myself and dear family, friends and coworkers. 

So that's the table that has been set for me. And I know you have your own table full of many questions, issues, situations and emotions as well.

Can I encourage you in a couple of ways?

First ... I'm finding incredible strength and peace each day as I start my day in prayer, God's word and journaling. 

"Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed." - Proverbs 16:3

I'm trying to "commit my actions" to the Lord at the start of each day. What peace and perspective He gives! Life isn't simple or easy - but God is bringing clarity and strength as I surrender to Him each day. 

Next, I continue to hear from so many - including my pastor in his teaching time this past Sunday - about the importance of taking time or having time built into my schedule for dreaming and also for rest. The two go hand in hand. We look up to God. We stay curious. We dream. We widen our horizons to live the adventure God has for us. Then, we rest. We find margin in our lives to refresh. Both are critical as we lead and work diligently. 

Finally, I want to encourage you that our Fishhook team is continually praying for you. We care so much about the churches and ministries we have the privilege to partner and connect with. We are cheering you on. We want the best for you and the people you are reaching for Christ!

So what are your goals, priorities and challenges this year? What communications issues are you committed to solving? How do you hope your team will grow? What do you need to change or build to impact your marketing and outreach efforts? 
Leah Norton

Managing Partner